Part L1B of the building regulations a short guide for flat roofing.
A lot customers have never heard of part L of the building regulations and I find myself explaining the regulations all the time so I have uploaded this video and hop that it helps anybody looking to find out more Part L and flat roofing is becoming more and more tied together, we always try to form a warm roof for our flat roofs, we find that a warm roof construction for flat roofing is by far the best flat roof, there is a lot less to go wrong with a warm deck flat roof that with a cold deck flat roof, building control and part L only dictates the U value of a roof however if you form a cold deck flat roof then you also have to ventilate the roof.
Warm deck flat roofs and cold deck flat roofs can be covered with EPDM rubber, mineral felt asphalt Kemper and lead zinc and copper.
If you need any more help on this subject please dont hesitate to contact me Steven Dickinson London Flat Roofing Ltd.